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The New Accounting. The field of Accounting has changed dramatically in the last several years. Gone are the green visors, the gray suits, and the focus on debits and credits. Today's accountant works with people to solve business problems. Accountants have become the premier business consultants in areas ranging from information technology to planning and taxation.



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Not all graduate school program accreditation is the same. Learn which accrediting agencies count, and learn how the name of a university can be deceiving. Join an online masters degree program in a top quality university.


Online and Distance Learning Study for Graduate Degrees

Learn what you should look for in online graduate courses and graduate degree programs. Some masters degree online programs are in effect correspondence degrees, where the internet and the web serve as mere drop boxes for students to hand in assignments. Learn how to evaluate a program's credentials, and know what questions to ask.

Accounting career opportunities exist in auditing, taxation, forensic accounting, consulting, corporate accounting, government agencies (including the CIA, the FBI, and state and local law enforcement), public accounting firms, management advisory services, and more. Salaries range from $35K - $100K+.


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Online Masters in Forensic Accounting

Online Masters of Accounting

To get your masters in a high-paying field consider one of these masters degree online programs. These are all accounting degrees that require no previous courses in accounting. Further, these programs all focus on working with people to solve problems in the business environment, not on debits, credits, and bookkeeping.


US News & World Report calls forensic accounting one of the "20 hot job tracks of the future." Forensic Accounting is also named as one of eight "careers to count on." in U.S. News and World Report, February 18, 2002 p 46-48, 50. The masters of accounting in forensic accounting helps prepare you for for a career in accounting.

In one recent survey of public accounting firms Taxation partners were ranked the highest in compensation.
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