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Choosing a Masters Degree Online Program
bulletIs the business school AACSB accredited? AACSB accreditation is the gold standard in business school accreditation?
bulletDoes the program permit you to attend on-campus lectures, at your option?
bulletDoes the program use cohort groups, which ensure that you stay with the same group of students all the way through your program?
bulletDoes the program use the eCollege course hosting platform. This is the premier course hosting platform.

Believe it or not, the single most important thing in the quality of masters degree online program is the quality of the student body. All top-quality programs are known for using a case-oriented approach that involves networking among high-quality students.

All the programs described on this web site involve AACSB Accreditation, cohort groups, optional on-campus lectures, and are populated by top-notch professional students. Joining a program is much more than simply taking courses, it's becoming a part of a network of fellow professionals.


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